About Us

SCTC: offering telephone, TV, and internet bundles to residential and business customers

Scott County Telephone Cooperative has been serving Gate City and Scott County Virginia for over 50 years and like all cooperatives, we work hard to provide our members with quality services at the best possible prices. We take pride in our accomplishments over the past 50 years and are excited about the future.

Who We Are

Scott County Telephone Cooperative (SCTC), a“501(c) (12) non-profit organization”, was Chartered by the State Corporation Commission on September 10, 1951 to serve 420.2 square miles of Scott County, Virginia and 15.4 square miles of Hancock County, Tennessee with dial-tone service. Today, SCTC’s service area includes an additional 125 square miles in Scott County, 110 square miles in Russell County and 15 square miles in Wise and Dickenson County. SCTC’s services have been upgraded to provide IP dial-tone, video and broadband  services along with long-distance service. The SCTC Board of Director’s vision is to promote economic development by providing high-capacity (400 Gig) optical access and transport to the world along with providing enhanced broadband services that will improve the quality of life in Southwest Virginia.

Network Investments

In 1993, SCTC invested $8,885,000 from a RUS (Rural Utilities Service) loan to update its digital switching facilities and to construct a 100 mile fiber loop throughout Scott County. In 1998, SCTC invested $11,105,000 from a RUS loan to enhance this broadband network. SCTC received two Community Connect Grants from RUS in 2003 and 2004 totaling  $1,086,737. Since 2005, the Virginia Tobacco Commission has invested $6,052,756 to expand and enhance SCTC’s network. SCTC has leveraged this investment to obtain another Community Connect Grant in the amount of $999,207, a Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) award in the amount of $24,850,000, and a Technical Assistant Grant in the amount of $199,920 from RUS.

Network Expansion

SCTC has been able to bring its high-capacity fiber optic network to 385 business customers, 2,932 broadband customers, 3,350 IP video customers, 5,600 IP dial-tone customers, and 1,428 cable customers. SCTC’s present expansion plans will pass an additional 5,000 customers, including 100 new business customers. SCTC’s high-capacity optical transport network extends to the Tri-Cities in East Tennessee to locations in Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City.

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