About Us

SCTC: offering telephone, TV, and internet bundles to residential and business customers

Scott County Telephone Cooperative has been serving Gate City and Scott County Virginia for over 60 years and like all cooperatives, we work hard to provide our members with quality services at the best possible prices. We take pride in our accomplishments over the past 60 years and are excited about the future.

Who We Are

Scott County Telephone Cooperative (SCTC), a“501(c) (12) non-profit organization”, was chartered by the State Corporation Commission on September 10, 1951 to serve 420.2 square miles of Scott County, Virginia and 15.4 square miles of Hancock County, Tennessee with dial-tone service. Today, SCTC’s service area includes Scott County, Virginia, and areas of Russell, Wise, Dickenson, and Lee Counties in Virginia, as well as Hancock County, Tennessee.  SCTC’s services have been upgraded to provide IP dial-tone, video and broadband services along with long-distance service.  The SCTC Board of Director’s vision is to promote economic development by providing high-capacity (400 Gig) optical access and transport to the world along with providing enhanced broadband services that will improve the quality of life in Southwest Virginia.

Network Enhancement

Scott County Telephone Cooperative has successfully completed our Broadband Incentive Program (BIP), which began in 2010.  This has allowed us to ensure the over 500 square miles of Scott County, Virginia, now has access to High Speed Internet (HSI) as well as a portion of Russell County.   With help from grants garnered from the Virginia Tobacco Commission, SCTC has been able to upgrade our network in many areas of Scott County as well as surrounding counties.  SCTC has also been fortunate to have been awarded 6 Community Connect Grants to expand our fiber network through Scott, Dickenson, and Wise Counties in Virginia.  Our present network expansion plan has been made possible by three additional Community Connect Grants awarded to SCTC by Rural Utilities Service.  The first grant will allow us to offer High Speed Internet in Stanley Valley, Tennessee, which is located in Hawkins County.  This expansion will make High Speed Internet available to 457 customers.  The expected completion is the 4th quarter of 2015.  The second and third grants will take us to Caney/Brushy Ridge and Edwards Ridge, which is located in Dickenson County, Virginia.  Caney/Brushy Ridge construction is slated to begin 1st quarter 2016, which will allow us to offer HSI to 512 customers.  The Edwards Ridge area will follow.  The start date has yet to be determined for this construction phase.  It will bring HSI to 620 customers. 

SCTC successfully submitted the winning bid to construct the Verizon Wireless 4G Network Upgrade.  Approximately 110 miles of fiber was constructed from Ewing, Virginia to Coeburn, Virginia, passing through the towns of Rose Hill, Jonesville, Pennington Gap, Dryden, Big Stone Gap, Appalachia, and the City of Norton.  By being awarded this bid, SCTC now has the capability to provide HSI to businesses in these locales.

SCTC has been able to bring its high-capacity fiber optic network to over 300 business customers, 5,000 broadband customers, 4,800 IP video customers and 6,800 IP dial-tone customers.  SCTC’s high-capacity optical transport network extends to the Tri-Cities in East Tennessee to locations in Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City.