Ordering New Service

SCTC: offering telephone, TV, and internet bundles to residential and business customers

To Order New Service, we will need to know:

  • Your Name and Complete Address
  • Name and Phone number of person who had previous service, if any.
  • How you want to be listed in the phone book.
  • Your social security number.  A “soft” credit check will be performed and a deposit, if any, will be based on services requested
  • Name and Number of nearest neighbor.
  • Type of service you want.

You will need to pay:

  • A $20.00 Membership Fee.
  • A Security Deposit
  • An Install Fee

SCTC Provides:

  • Dial Tone
  • Your Phone Number
  • SCTC White and Yellow Pages
  • Your phone book listing
  • Custom Calling services
  • Local Directory Assistance
  • Low Income Assistance Plan
  • Voice Mail
  • Dual Directory Listing
  • Class Features