Business Calling Features

Terms and Conditions
Basic Phone Service includes: * Unlimited Local Minutes * Number Portability Available * Toll charges not included * Long Distance plans available Choose one of the following for the IDeal, Works, and Supreme Packages: * Voice Mail with Call Waiting or * Caller ID with Call waiting And 6 (six) additional features to the Ideal, Works , and Supreme Packages: * Telemarketing Do Not Disturb * Call Forwarding * 3-Way Calling * Call Return *69 * Speed Calling * Do Not Disturb * Anonymous Call Rejection * Call Screening * Toll Control w/ Pin Override * additional features available; call for info. A la Carte Features – Any calling feature may be added to a phone line without purchasing a Digital Entertainment Package

Premium Tiers (those listed in RED on the Essential Channel Line Up) Choose one (1) tier – $6 or both tiers for – $8. Movie Tiers (those listed in GREEN on the Essential Channel Line Up) HBO movie package is $20 per month. Choose from Starz/Encore, Showtime, or Cinemax for one (1) tier – $15, two (2) tiers – $28, three (3) tiers – $37. HD Service $9.95 per TV DVR Service (Digital Video Recorder) – $12.95 per TV

Internet Speed Upgrades – All business bundles include our 3M Unlimited Internet package. Customers may upgrade to 5M for $10 additional, 10M for $20 additional, or 25M for $40 additional. Contact our business office, if you require a higher speed. Wireless Routers – Wireless routers are available for lease for $10 per month additional.

For questions or availability of any of these services please call SCTC at (276)452-9119 Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. Applicable surcharges and taxes not included in package price. Security Deposit and Connection or Install charges may be required. Packages and pricing are subject to change. Online price may not reflect actual package price. Prices quoted by Customer Service at time of order placement will take precedence. Internet Speeds are not a guaranteed speed. Services offered through Scott Telecom and Electronics.